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About Shane and his Team

We at Shane Westley Health and Performance believe that we offer clients something different and most importantly, something that works.

While Shane’s considerable experience through his football career means he can give his clients detailed dietary and fitness plans; his team are all fully qualified, dedicated Personal Trainers who ensure all clients have their goals met and exceeded.

Coaching Quality

Here at Shane Westley Health and Performance, we believe that coaching quality is vital when keeping a client motivated and on the path to success. Especially due to our high end client base – we always ensure that a busy career and stress doesn’t hinder your progress. We use a mixture of constant learning coupled with Shane’s experience as a football league manager to inspire and motivate as well as give the best possible advice and teachings.

Knowledge Matters

Want a great Quinoa recipe? Smoothie recipe? Or a 10 minute leg session? Then you may want to look elsewhere, because we give detailed dietary plans and give all clients bespoke training packages. We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach.
We do this because we know how. You see, there are loads of personal trainers out there who claim to know their stuff but you end up wasting hundreds or even THOUSANDS on their ‘training’ which simply doesn’t get you results. We constantly strive to know more, give our clients the very best and get you in the best shape of your life so far.

Personal Touch

As well as giving you a comprehensive initial assessments and personalised training and nutrition plans built around what their specific needs, we also push you to workout harder and more frequently – this includes one to one calls and constant availability on the phone if you ever have a question about your training. We already work with a diverse range of clients, from CEO’s, footballers, rock stars and Olympic medallists so we’re used to specific needs when it comes to fitness.
Whatever your goal, we can get you there.

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