What is it?

An intensive 12-week programme that will get you into the shape of your life.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to make a dramatic change to the way they look in a short space of time. It’s available to men and women and you don’t have to be an experienced gym goer to get started.

What’s included?

Our comprehensive transformation package includes everything you need to guarantee success. Here are the main components:

  • Initial assessment

Our transformation programmes are always bespoke so we start by assessing your health, lifestyle and body composition. This allows us to create a programme that is tailored to you and will give you the best results in the 12-week timeframe.

  • Regular assessment

We’ll monitor your progress by conducting performance and body composition assessments every two weeks.
We assess you regularly so that we can react to how you’re improving and adjust your plan accordingly.

  • Nutrition assessment

In order to maximise your results you’ll need to follow our nutrition guidelines. We’ll aim to work with your food preferences so that you adhere to the plan but if you want to make significant changes you’ll need to be strict with your diet.

  • Biochemical testing

We conduct a simple blood test and food intolerance test with our trusted biochemical testing partners to get an accurate guide on how you should eat and train for best results. When time is precious, this is the best way of ensuring you get your desired outcome.

  • Personal training sessions

You will receive three personal training sessions a week. During these sessions we’ll guide you through your personal training programme that has been created for maximum body composition change. This level of attention is crucial in achieving your ultimate goal.

  • Supplement recommendations

The transformation package is an intense period of training so it’s likely that you’ll benefit from strategic supplementation. We will use your biochemical test results to inform our decisions and all of your supplements are included in the package.

  • Regular assessments

We’ll monitor your progress by conducting performance and body composition assessments every two weeks. We assess you regularly so that we can react to how you’re improving and adjust your plan accordingly.

  • Ongoing support

During the course of your transformation we will be on hand to give you advice and support. Whether you just need some extra motivation or a steer on what to eat during a business trip, we’re here to help.

  • Optional extra : Food delivery

If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting the results that you want then we can arrange for your nutritionally balanced food to be delivered to your home. Please ask us about this when enquiring about the package.

What’s the first step?

Take the first step today and get in touch to arrange your initial consultation. We can help you get the body you want in just 12 weeks.


A few Testimonials

jim-fallon shane westley personal training

Jim Fallon

I have been training with Shane for five years and have gained immense benefit from both the training itself and the guidance on diet and exercise generally.

I have always been reasonably fit, running most of my adult life. However, I wanted to improve my overall body composition and strength. Since I started training with Shane my body fat has dropped from around 24% to the current 13%. I was not very overweight so this is almost all down to body composition and muscle gain.

Personally, I am not looking for the physique of a body builder, just good all round strength and fitness. By setting the goals clearly to begin with Shane has helped me get into the best shape I have been so far.


Simon Law

I have been training with Shane for over a year now and have found this to be a truly transformational experience.

I started out weighing just under 108kg with nearly 30% body fat but after training with Shane, I have already lost 18kg, have gone down from wearing 38 inch waist trousers to 34 inches and have reduced my body fat percentage to well under 20% – to be in the best shape of my life (so far!).

Getting in shape doesn’t just happen, and even commitment to change by itself wasn’t enough. Shane is someone who helps you work not just harder, but a lot smarter, by tailoring not only what you do in the gym but looking at key aspects of your life – how you fuel your body, how you hydrate, how you rest.

I am looking forward to the next phase of training with Shane, who through his extensive experience as a sports and fitness professional, is giving me the tools, the knowledge and ongoing encouragement to reach and maintain my goals.

I have no hesitation in recommending Shane to anyone who is serious about getting in the best shape of their lives!

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Dr Kapoor DM FRCP. Consultant Neurologist

Two years ago, an Olympic gold medallist introduced me to Shane Westley, and I have been lucky enough to train with him ever since. I had previously trained in several top London clubs, and had reached a fairly high level of fitness and health awareness. Trainig with Shane has been a totally different experience, and has shown just how much further one can go with the very best input available.

Working with Shane, it is immediately clear that the highest standards are expected, and that perfect technique is crucial. It is also important that he has a completely holistic approach, combining physical training with close attention to lifestyle and diet, and that he leads by example. He has enourmous knowledge, and the strongest motivational skills I have encountered.

The result is that he identifies and achieves key goals that initially seem impossible, and all of this with a constant sense of progress, and great fun along the way. I know that these are sentiments shared by all of this other clients.

It is therefore a great pleasure for me to be able to record my appreciation of Shane. In my view, he is simply the best person with whom to train and to achieve one’s highest goals.