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Paul Weller

Songwriter & Musician

I’ve been working with Shane for years now and he really knows his stuff.

He has helped me develop my body shape, taught me about diet, supplementation, eating the right things for me and my health in general.

I’m in the best shape of my life. He’s tough but he gets results.

If you’re looking to get in shape, he’s the man I reckon.




Jim Fallon Shane Westley Personal Training

Jim Fallon

I have been training with Shane for five years and have gained immense benefit from both the training itself and the guidance on diet and exercise generally.

I have always been reasonably fit, running most of my adult life. However, I wanted to improve my overall body composition and strength. Since I started training with Shane my body fat has dropped from around 24% to the current 11.2%. I was not very overweight so this is almost all down to body composition and muscle gain.

Personally, I am not looking for the physique of a body builder, just good all round strength and fitness. By setting the goals clearly to begin with Shane has helped me get into the best shape I have been so far.


Naina Mistry Shane Westley Personal Training

Naina Mistry

I started working with Shane in June 2013.

My health and fitness were in an awful state. I could not walk 100 meters or climb up a fights of stairs without needing a couple of minutes to recover after. I could not carry a small laptop for short distance without complaining of its heaviness. Years of bad eating habits meant I was considerably overweight, weak and inflamed. My joints and muscles hurt with even the thought of movement.

Shane’s knowledge, standards and world-class teachings have helped me turn my life around. Regularly training with Shane meant that in under a year, I become lighter, fitter, stronger and more capable than I have ever been in my entire life.

Within months, I was running up 3 flights of stairs, I had lost 14Kg within 6 months and able to lift 100kg weights within a year. For me the most satisfying achievement was going from not been able to walk 100 meters on the flat to climbing Kilimanjaro within 18 months. It is thanks to Shane’s coaching and training that I have these achievements to talk of.

Shane has been me every step of the way, though tears, frustrations, tantrums, failure and the joy of achievement. Shane’s holistic approach to health and fitness is amazing. His enthusiasm and passion for his field is infectious, He inspires you to want to succeed and achieve your goals, both in and out the gym, especially when you don’t have the energy for it yourself. As a family man, I’m not sure how, but he finds the time to support you outside the hourly training sessions – as much as needed to help achieve your goals. I believe this is what makes Shane unique and more that just a personal trainer and fitness coach. He invests in you.

I have new goals now as I have relaxed my eating habits and exercise over the last 6 months with old patterns creeping back in and its clearly noticeable. One thing I haven’t changed is training with Shane. His sessions whilst, tough and demanding, are aimed at stretching your capabilities and improving with every session. I may curse when stretched out of my comfort zone but I really wouldn’t have it any other way.


Allyson Rubin

When I met Shane, my body had been in pain for several years. At the age of 13, I had a spinal fusion and a metal rod inserted into my spine and for many years I was fine. I was very lucky to have four children in succession in my early 30’s but the c-sections coupled with my rod left my body debilitated. I lived off injections and painkillers to get through the day for about 5 years. I saw an Osteopath who was brilliant at temporarily relieving the pain but because my body wasn’t strong enough I would regress quickly.

I was skeptical of personal trainers having tried several who I got little or no benefit from. Shane was different from the very first consultation, he completely understood my story and knew that to put me on a treadmill or make me do lunges would have been so wrong until my body could cope. He started with simple rehabilitation exercises to open up my muscles, working with the muscles groups that would spasm continuously resulting in horrific pain. I benefited almost immediately from his approach. Within weeks, I had stopped relying on my osteopath. Over the course of time, Shane pushed my body to handle more, to start to build up strength which has changed my life. I now run on a treadmill, do traditional lunges, rowing and other activities that have made me feel so much better about myself, Shane took me on the journey in a safe and secure way. I am literally a changed person. For me, he isn’t just a personal trainer, he’s on another level. He’s also a really great guy, I can’t recommend him highly enough!

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Sam Little – Golf Professional

Shane’s knowledge of his profession is second to none. His thoroughness of all aspects of my fitness and nutrition is incredible. It’s amazing how great I feel post working out with him and I see my body shape continuously improving.

Being a professional golfer, it’s very important that the workouts I do concentrate on the correct muscle groups and Shane makes sure our sessions are very golf specific, yet keeping them fun, intensive and of course painful! He also practices what he preaches and as a client I really appreciate that.



Simon Law Shane Westley Personal Training

Simon Law

I have been training with Shane for over a year now and have found this to be a truly transformational experience.

I started out weighing just under 108kg with nearly 30% body fat but after training with Shane, I have already lost 18kg, have gone down from wearing 38 inch waist trousers to 34 inches and have reduced my body fat percentage to well under 20% – to be in the best shape of my life (so far!).

Getting in shape doesn’t just happen, and even commitment to change by itself wasn’t enough. Shane is someone who helps you work not just harder, but a lot smarter, by tailoring not only what you do in the gym but looking at key aspects of your life – how you fuel your body, how you hydrate, how you rest.

I am looking forward to the next phase of training with Shane, who through his extensive experience as a sports and fitness professional, is giving me the tools, the knowledge and ongoing encouragement to reach and maintain my goals.

I have no hesitation in recommending Shane to anyone who is serious about getting in the best shape of their lives!



Daniel Rubin

Shane is an inspirational trainer, his patience, skill and understanding has helped me lose weight, feel younger and set me on the road to a healthier and happier life.

Shane’s enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self-belief.

I am now training at a level that I would not have thought possible six months ago.

I look forward to each session and each session is different to the last.



David Whitmarsh

In November 2013 I signed up for an Ironman 70.3. I had been fit in the past but middle age, a young family, and business commitments had led to some bad habits.

I felt weak, unfit and completely out of shape.

Having spoken to Shane about my goals and targets he set about transforming me over a progressive 6 months training programme.

Not only is Shane technically faultless but his persistence, enthusiasm and energy are infectious.

His ability to get the best out of me is remarkable.

And it’s not all just grunt and sweat. Shane gave me excellent support and advice on nutrition, supplements and support treatments such as massage. He knew just when to rest and when to push me hard. The training was varied, progressive and fun.

I completed my first ironman on 15 June 2014, smashing my target time by 30 minutes. I simply couldn’t have done it without him and we are now planning for my next challenge.”
Let me know if it’s too long or you want something different. I mean it though fella. Couldn’t have done it without you so thank you.



George Dionisiou

Shane started training me over ten years ago when I was an overweight (16.5st) business man, stressed, no time, with a poor diet and a smoker.

In addition I suffered an Achilles tendon rupture followed a year later by a severely Fractured Fib and Tab.

I was in plaster for 6 months and couldn’t walk without crutches and then a stick for over a year.

I used to love playing sports, football, tennis, sprinting. I knew this was over for me. I could not even dash to cross the road!

Then I started with Shane.

Shanes past experience speaks for itself.

It was tough, but I persevered, training initially 3 times a week then now days up to 5 days.
I wouldn’t categorise Shane as a Personal Trainer alone, he is your coach, and he is your mentor. He will, if you want it and are committed get you to where you want to be.

As we trained and he took me through my sessions, Shane educated me.
Lifestyle, diet, he reminded me what discipline and commitment was.

I stopped smoking, I steadily lost weight, ( he would know if I cheated on anything, it’s that 6th sense,) I tried to fob him off but it never worked. I paid for it during the next training session!
I am now 13st. I have never felt or looked better.

I am now 49 years of age and I can play Tennis, and win, I can run, I can play soccer.
My legs are strong, I am not in pain, and thanks to Shane I have regained my health and also my youth.
I cannot recommend Shane high enough, I commend him as a professional, his commitment and his skill is unsurpassed.

Shane gets results, see for yourself.

If you want a personal reference then email me I would not hesitate to recommend Shane and tell you a bit more about him.

Thanks Shane


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I have trained with Shane for many years now and cannot recommend him enough as a personal trainer.

His dedication, knowledge, passion and genuine empathy with his clients ensure you achieve the best possible results.

Having Shane as a personal trainer is not just about the time you spend with him in gym, he is always on hand offering nutritional advice and is exceptional in his skills in advising on lifestyle management.

Shane tailor designs exercise, nutritional and lifestyle management programme’s for each of his clients meaning personal goals are always achieved.

Training with Shane guarantees results, he expects dedication from his clients so as long as you give him 100% , Shane will ensure you achieve the body, health, and overall wellbeing you’ve always dreamed of.



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Farah Alaghband

I began having very serious and chronin lower back pain in 2003 and the pain and the frequency of the episodes so often that life was becoming difficult and a future with pain bleak. One day whilst shopping, I collapsed with acute pain and spasm.

The shop owner became very angry saying I had frightened his customers. In addition to this I suffered and still suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Up until 2003 I had been training with a trainer at home and thought myself to be quite fit. My fate changed when a friend told me about Shane who trained at our local club and who had helped her with her back pain following a car accident. Reluctantly, I went in and declared that I had no weight loss or fitness intentions but simply wanted to relieve myself from back pain.

It’s now been eight years and I have continued to train with Shane for a multitude of reasons chiefly for the fact that I have remained pain free from back pain and I have had no injuries whilst training. Many years ago my younger sister began training with a personal trainer whose inadequate knowledge of anatomy, physiology and PT training left her with permanent back issues for which she has had very serious surgery. For me the lesson learned from that scenario was having a knowledable and professional trainer was a key factor in my way forward with fitness.

Since 2003 I have trained with Shane an average of twice a week. During this period we have moved to 4 gyms together where I have been able to watch other trainers and see for myself that Shane’s expertise and knowledge of this field, his background as a sportsman, his own injury and years of experience mark him as a truly qualified professional.

I have a keen interest in nutrition as I feel it to be a key factor in fitness and wellbeing. In this regard I have found Shane to be exteremely knowledgable. I often gear about advances in diet and nutrition from Shane before reading press articles and websites alerts. He has advised me in regard to supplements and food intolerances and when necessary he has advised me of diet plans.

Today I can see myself as a fit and pain free individual with enough experience in the gym to train myself. However, Shane’s positive energy, fun, different and challenging routines bring me back to him time and time again. We laugh, we sweat, sometimes I curse and I have the chance to visit with my long-time friends who like me, have been long time clients of Shane.

In closing I must conclude that I find Shane to be a first class professional who is punctual and accommodating with his time. And though we have been friends for a long time the sessions remain professional, focused and dynamic. I have no hesitation in recommending Shane Westley as a personal trainer.


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Dr Kapoor DM FRCP. Consultant Neurologist

Two years ago, an Olympic gold medallist introduced me to Shane Westley, and I have been lucky enough to train with him ever since. I had previously trained in several top London clubs, and had reached a fairly high level of fitness and health awareness. Trainig with Shane has been a totally different experience, and has shown just how much further one can go with the very best input available.

Working with Shane, it is immediately clear that the highest standards are expected, and that perfect technique is crucial. It is also important that he has a completely holistic approach, combining physical training with close attention to lifestyle and diet, and that he leads by example. He has enourmous knowledge, and the strongest motivational skills I have encountered.

The result is that he identifies and achieves key goals that initially seem impossible, and all of this with a constant sense of progress, and great fun along the way. I know that these are sentiments shared by all of this other clients.

It is therefore a great pleasure for me to be able to record my appreciation of Shane. In my view, he is simply the best person with whom to train and to achieve one’s highest goals.

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