Burpees When people think about weight loss, they think about loads and loads of cardio or lifting the heaviest weights available! What we don’t realise is that we can keep fit in our own homes, in the park or even when we’re on holiday. As much as we encourage lifting weights at Shane Westley Health & Performance, everyone needs to be able to lift and control their own body weight before the go on to lifting the heavier stuff.
Star Jump The best thing about body weight workouts are they can be performed anywhere! In the gym, your garden, hotels or at the park! Got a spare few minutes at lunch or in the morning? Why not get your workout done quickly so that it’s out of the way. Even if you have no equipment at all, you will still get in a great workout that will burn fat and start to build muscle!
Double-Pulse-Jump-Squats-20-Reps Any exercise you perform can be made easier or harder with progression or regression. For example, push ups: a beginner may start by standing up and pushing off of a wall, from there you could take it down to the floor but leaning on your knees and then finally progressing onto the full body weight push up from toes to hands. You could even make it harder by raising your feet on a chair or even trying other variations such as a clap press up or single armed. There are so many ways to make an exercise easier or harder.
reverse-lunge-workout_0 When you’re not using weights, the only way to really target a muscle is to use ‘time under tension’, for example if we squat or lunge, instead of doing quick repetitions be sure to pause at the hardest part of the exercise (usually the lowest point of the squat) and then slowly rise up – without locking your legs. By doing this you’re creating a lot more pressure without the added weight. Body weight exercises are great for weight loss as they allow us to tone up, lose some fat and strengthen our muscles.
Next time you’re feeling too tired to do some cardio or strength training, try a body weight only workout – this is something we would provide in all of our training programs ready for when you’re unable to make it to the gym!
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