Have you ever seen those people that somehow seem to look better as they get older? They’re like a fine wine, it seems like these people not only manage to avoid ageing but they also turn back the hands of the clock. You may not see someone for years and then you bump into them out of blue and all of a sudden they look better now than when you last saw them. It’s incredible how these people seem to know the true secret to ageing and learnt how to make themselves look better as the years go on.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anti-ageing isn’t a secret but more so a process that YOU control! It’s like an investment into yourself, if you can learn how to make yourself a priority and embrace that through healthy living and kicking out all the bad habits but entering into good habits then you have uncovered what it takes!
But until you reach this point you’ve probably looked at these people and felt jealousy towards them. We see people who get better with age and wonder what they have that we don’t and why they’re so special. For some people it could be a cultural regimen where they learn the right ways of taking care of themselves early on and just keep at it their entire lives.

So although it may have seemed like a secret it is truly down to a few fundamentals that can help defy the ageing process.

Truly taking care of yourself: First and foremost this can be truly life changing. If you can see that taking care of yourself is the key to abundant happiness and long lasting youth then you have already started on your journey. This includes making your health, your wellbeing, physical, mental and emotional state all a priority.

You don’t skip out on eating well, or putting exercise to the bottom of your list. You don’t avoid doctor’s appointments because you have other things to do. You ultimately make yourself the major priority and then see it through.

You’ll learn to manage your stress and never let the chaos of everyday life get the better of you. This is ultimately about the choices you make and the priorities you make.

It’s about abandoning the bad habits that are adding to your age. Even though it may not be easy, you learn to get rid of the habits that are making you look and feel older. You will realise the pain from quitting these bad habits is only temporary and it will be worth it in the long run.

It’s about embracing fundamentals that will help you look and feel better, creating yourself a truly healthy lifestyle for you then sticking to it. It’s all about learning to listen to your body then act accordingly.

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