Anti-ageing package – Your first step to looking younger.


I firmly believe that gym training isn’t just for young people. In fact, as you get older, strength training is vital if you want to delay the effects of ageing. My considerable experience allows me to get excellent results with people who are in their 40s, 50s and 60s, even if they are new to training.

Why is strength training important?

As you get older your body changes and, if you don’t intervene through diet and exercise, you will start to lose muscle mass and bone density. Your metabolism will also naturally slow down, which makes you more likely to add body fat.

You may also find that you’re less mobile and more susceptible to injury. The good news is that diet and exercise – strength training in particular – can slow down the onset of, and in some cases even reverse, these effects.


Is there any evidence to support that?

Absolutely. The effects of strength training on older adults have been well documented.

In one report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine researchers reviewed over 60 studies on the subject of strength training in older people and found that it has a positive effect on functional movement.


Should you train differently as you get older?

There are some adjustments that you make when you’re older but fundamentally the principles of training remain the same whether you’re 26 or 62.

The main difference is that as you get older you should take a bit longer to warm up, mobilise and get your synovial fluid working to protect your joints.

You may also find that you need a little bit longer to recover between sessions.

What are your sessions like?

I use my experience to ensure that your sessions are both productive and enjoyable.

I’ll treat you like an adult and we’ll do exercises that are both challenging and rewarding.

As well as using conventional kit such as dumbbells we will also incorporate less common gear such as heavy ropes and sleds to get the best possible outcomes.

What if I’ve never been in a gym before?

You are never too old to start strength training.

Our approach means that we’ll give you a comprehensive physical and lifestyle assessment so that we can design a programme that’s perfect for you.

You’ll be surprised at the rapid progress you can make, even if you’re a complete novice.

What’s included in the package?

When you book our anti-ageing package you receive all of the coaching, advice and support you need to regain your former physique as well as feeling healthier and more energised.

These are some of the key elements that are included:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Biochemical Testing (as an optional extra)
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Supplementation Recommendations
  • Regular Assessments
  • Ongoing Support
Where do I start?

Get in touch with us today – book an Anti-Ageing Consultation – and take the first step towards looking and feeling younger.