Meet Shane Westley

Shane Westley is one of the most knowledgable and forward-thinking figures currently working in fitness. His considerable experience as an elite athlete (he played over 450 games during a 17-year professional football career) and a student of sports science allow him to create bespoke packages for clients that are built around their lifestyle and needs.

Coaching quality

A natural leader and motivator, Shane gained his senior U.E.F.A. ‘A’ coaching license and became the football league’s youngest manager when he steered Lincoln City to promotion during his first season in charge of the club. Central to his success was the implementation of progressive training and recovery methods that drew on cutting-edge sports science, which helped to reduce rates of injury among players and improve their athletic performance.

Knowledge matters

Shane has dedicated himself to continued learning and has studied with the world’s leading educators in training, nutrition and lifestyle design such as Gary Gray, Paul Chek and Charles Poliquin – a man who has coached Olympic athletes in a broader range of sports than any other trainer in the world. Shane also regularly mentors personal trainers and advises independent and national gym chains on how to improve productivity, increase profit and recruit the best coaches.

Personal touch

One of the most important elements of Shane’s work with personal training clients is his understanding of their emotional and motivational needs. His approach and systems help clients stick to their plans and reach their goals because he takes into account the busy lives they lead around the time they spend with him in the gym. He is also always available to provide support and advice whenever it’s needed.
Shane makes sure that all of his clients get comprehensive initial assessments and receive personalised training and nutrition plans built around what their specific needs. He has worked with a diverse range of clients including CEOs, footballers, rock stars, housewives, youngsters and Olympic medallists. Whatever your goal, he can help you too.

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