The danger of trans fats

Trans-fats, present in so many modern day processed foods, are causing a whole host of catastrophic health problems within our society today. Although many of us may be aware that trans fats are bad for us, not many will actually know what they are, why they are damaging to our

Protein isn’t just meat!

But where do I get my protein from?! A common question from vegans and many of us that are training hard and need to get our protein intake asides from eating meat, fish and poultry. Many have a misconception that you need to consume fillet steaks until the cows come

Recover and see your body grow!

Recovery…. Something that is often lost in the fitness world. Something that is so undervalued. People are so desperate to get fit, lose weight and/or improve the way they feel and look that they don’t allow anywhere near enough time or good type of recovery. So you’ve hit the gym


Juices and smoothies have become a widespread craze in recent times, these little potions of goodness are a fast and efficient way to get the nutrients that our bodies need. In a modern world where we are constantly on the move and have such limited time to prepare healthy rich

The Paleo approach

The caveman diet or stone age diet as the paleo approach is often referred to is the diet of wild animals and plants eaten by our ancestors during the Palaeolithic era. This means that the diet consists of foods that we could hunt or find in the wild: meats, fish,